Playa Guiones is a unique place for surfing. The long sandy beach serves up clean, shoulder high to over head surf almost every day. The waves are fun, friendly and forgiving, making it an ideal classroom for beginners to intermediates surfers. Experienced surfers will also leave feeling like they have had the biggest waves as the morning and late afternoons provide clean rip-able surf. Low tide is loved by short boarders, as the waves are a little steeper and faster, occasionally offering up a few barrels, while mid to high tide is mellower and perfect for beginners and long boards.

Some of the local surfers are amazing in both ability and their cheerful readiness to share waves. You won’t encounter any unpleasant localism from the surfers here in Nosara.

There are several surf schools, offering different styles of lessons from friendly surfers who’ll push you into waves with a big smile, and make you feel part of the community up to certified instructors who offer structured and technical lessons. Lessons can be booked in advance, or once you arrive. ¬†Playa Guiones is also the only beach in Costa Rica where analytical video coaching is available giving by qualified coaches, for more experienced and competitive surfers.