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The list of things that sets a vacation in Nosara apart from many other destinations is a long one: consistent surf with offshore winds, a lifestyle that could make Jimmy Buffett jealous, and a biodiversity of over 500,000 species! But, there is one thing that everyone can enjoy, whether a creature lover or not, SEA TURTLES…and THOUSANDS of them!

The “arribada” or grand arrival can only be observed in select areas of the world. Luckily for all our adventurers out there, Sunset Peak is just minutes by car to the Ostional National Wildlife Refuge famous for its large arribadas. According to scientists who study the Olive Ridley turtle, the largest arribada recorded for Ostional took place in November of 1995 when about 500,000 female Olive Ridleys came ashore (and no that’s not a typo)!

To experience new life sprouting in such an abundance is hard to describe. Recently, a few guests of Sunset Peak ventured to Ostional in search of the phenomenon and the payoff was one they could only describe as, “Truly a once in a lifetime experience!”
Here are some photos and video they took!



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